NeuroMentix is working to unleash the power of the brain

Despite more than 50 years of intensive effort in AI, cognitive science, and related fields, building systems with the generality, robustness, and rudimentary capabilities of even the simplest brains is still a dream.

Neuroscience has provided numerous discoveries and insights about the underpinnings of the brain's remarkable capabilities, but it has yet to reveal how these capabilities arise and how the brain operates as a system.

NeuroMentix has taken up these challenges.  While drawing upon the best of both the technical and neuroscientific approaches, NeuroMentix is forging an entirely new path forward. While remaining consistent with known biology, machine learning techniques, and other common drivers of brain modeling, NeuroMentix's path taps into an unused source of knowledge about brain processing. This new source of requirements, constraints, and inspiration replaces many common assumptions about control, representation, learning, and autonomous behavior. This path has led to new hypotheses for the functional roles of various brain regions and is being used to develop biological models of the brain. It has also yielded important insights into the computational mechanisms underlying thought, cognition, learning, and behavior. Together, these scientific and technical advances are expected to lead to breakthroughs in autonomous system technology and applied neuroscience.